Stood Up

Dahil nagbibusy-busyhan ako ngayon dahil sa pilit kong pinipiga ang aking utak sa pag-aaral  ng Biochemistry, isang re-post na lang muna galing sa aking kabilang blog. Pag hindi pa ako sarhan ng computer shop na ito sa dami ng aking blogs na bibisitahin ngayon, sana makasulat pa ako ng panibagong entry na hindi naman kayo mapapanosebleed sa pagbabasa.

Sensya na at wala talaga akong time magtranslate pero alam ko namang smart kayo (hindi rin ako sipsip, ano?). Bawi na lang ako sa susunod. Promise, may sweet na sweet na picture sa nagdaan kong beerday inuman nung Huwebes.


Definition of Terms:

RTD (Round Table Discussion) – a free lecture discourse set-up by medical representatives and their companies for physicians for the purpose of promoting new products and providing a Powerpoint lecture of the latest recommended management protocols for a certain disease entity. Usually begins with an abundant buffet-style dinner and/or snacks and ends with an open forum for any question pertaining to the prior given lecture. May or may not include a raffle draw of promotional give-aways (na patok na patok sa aming mga kuripot na physicians na whores pagdating sa mga free stuff) or an acoustic band for entertainment (para kunwari, hindi kami makaluma. as in, kunwari mga young at heart pa).


Contrary to what most people might think, I do not hate Nice Guys. Although Bad Guys may seem more appealing and exciting with their confident swagger, their humorous pick-up lines and their constant fascination for danger and all things forbidden, it is a rare occasion for them to be able to provide that feeling of being safe and the security offered by a Nice Guy.


Di ba girls? Umamin kayo!


Some Nice Guys do seem bland. Boring. Vanilla. But there are a selected few who can come up with one-liners that will make you laugh so loud that they will make you think that Vanilla might not be so bad after all.


Airsoft has that talent.


Hence, I decided to crush on him.


Kras kita, Airsoft.



The thing when I have crushes is that I become a dumber version of myself. I clam up, avoid looking at him and pretend that he doesn’t exist at all whenever the person I am crushing on is around. I end up talking to myself, flirting in my mind and making up witty conversations with him in my head.


In short, I become a loser.


For example, I had been given two free tickets by my aunt to a concert by Sponge Cola. I love Sponge Cola and I’ve always wanted to watch them live. Because I lived in a small city where concerts by famous rock bands occur every once in a blue moon (ergo, malayo itong bundok na pinaninirahan ko), I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally watch them perform live.




I asked my sister if she wanted to go with me. She said she has outgrown these things. Heller! I’m two years older kaya than her! I didn’t want to ask one of my female classmates to go with me. I knew them well enough that they still lived by the highschool girl bathroom mentality – they will only go, if the rest of the group will also be going. I didn’t bother asking one of my highschool classmates either because I assumed they would most likely be unavailable. They had work and babies and husbands and other boring stuff to take care of.


So, I figured, the best person to invite would be a close friend, a boy, who has his own wheels (para hindi naman ako sasakay ng PUJ pauwi while in my best landi-era attire), and preferably someone I wouldn’t mind to be seen dating.




As soon as the realization hit me, my palms started sweating. I debated whether I should text him as early as morning to ask him if he would like to go with me or whether I should wait for the opportunity later to ask him in person since I would be seeing him anyway earlier in the evening because the whole class was invited anyway to attend an RTD* at some restaurant. Because I was a coward, I opted to forego the moment and ask him later instead, when we would finally be alone in his car, since I was the one he usually drops off home the last.


I felt nervous about asking him out. To do so would cement the fact that I wanted our friendship to move forward. It would show him that I was interested in him as more than friends. I started daydreaming about the series of events that might happen once we go out together to that concert. We would have to keep the date to ourselves and not let any of our friends know so as to avoid the awkward teasings and tauntings of the barkada. He would probably start picking me up from the house and we’d be going to school together. At first, when our friends start sensing that there was something going on between us, they would tease us mercilessly, them pushing him so that he’ll trip and stumble towards me or flat in his face in the ground infront of me or them quickly lifting my skirt and letting him see the color of my underwear as if we were all still in Grade 3. Eventually, our friends will get used to seeing us together and the teasings will stop and we will become just another one of the boring annoying couples in class.


I took great care in dressing up that night. A black silky spaghetti-strapped shirt under a black knitted sweater, jeans and stilettos for additional height. My make-up was impeccable. I was dressed to impress but casually enough so as not to look as if I was trying too hard. When I arrived at our meeting place, the usual gang was already there, minus Airsoft. I figured he was late, and inquiring about his whereabouts would have made my friends suspicious, so I no longer asked. I hitched a ride with Naruto instead in his motorcycle and together with the rest of my classmates, we all drove towards the RTD*.


The RTD* started with Airsoft still being a no-show. A couple hours later, with our stomachs fully satiated and our brains refreshed with knowledge about the current treatment modalities for Hypertension and the recommendations based on JNC-7, the RTD* ended and we spent a couple of minutes taking pictures of each other. In the end, I hitched a ride in Jackie’s boyfriend’s car along with the rest of my female classmates and I ended up being the first one to be dropped off.


Suffice it to say, Airsoft did not show up at all.


Tang ina mo, Airsoft. You stood me up before I could even ask you out.


Leche ka, BREAK NA TAYO.






26 Tugon to “Stood Up”

  1. potsquared Says:

    mahirap talagang magkaroon ng courage to ask a person out…. especially for a girl… yun nga lang.. nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.. malay mo may emergency si Airsoft.. na-ebs siya sa salawal or na-abduct ng mga aliens…. malay mo… at take note.. hindi ako nagnosebleed… medyo nahilo lang ako ng kaunti…

  2. pilar Says:

    brek na agad! 🙂 magaling! 😀 okay lang yun, maybe if he knew the real reasons and if you told him beforehand, siguro unang-una yan sa RTD nyo. boys.. 🙂

  3. hisnameisdencios Says:

    chilax lang..

    tama si pots sa taas disadvantage kasi ng babae yun e. pero nagulat ako sa mura mo hehehe. makikipagbreak ka agad dahil dun? malay mo naman may dahilan. e baka bugso lang ng tampo yan hehe. minsan kasi ang mga babae gusto nilang sinusuyu ng konti. hehehe (pero depende naman yan sa babae)

    btw spongecola is cool. pero mas trip ko si bamboo, pupil, the dawn, kamikazee

    Merry Christmas pala sayo at sa iyong pamilya!

  4. brotherutoy Says:

    aahhh, women and their bathroom habits…

    bakit ka naman natakot? fear of rejection? fear of being misinterpreted? misinterpreted as what?
    kasi, nice guy, bad guy, basta Sponge Cola, walang hihindi offer mo.ü

    i was once a nice guy too. and yep, i wasn’t asked out by girls even once.

    then i became a naughty guy.
    i had to keep a planner for dates since then.

    teka, nice guys and bad guys lang ang meron ka? how about the naughty guys?
    do we gain pogi points for being pilyo?

  5. taps Says:

    si brother utoy…malapit na kita maging idol… este ngayon pa lang idol na kita! LOL

    Nababaklaan ako sa sponge hehe

  6. yeye Says:

    break agad ah
    hugg kita doc:D

  7. FerBert Says:

    paborito ko ang spongecola nung college days..

    nung mabait ako i ended up being bestfriend ng mga babae.. lagi na lang ganon ang sitwasyon haha.. tapos nung medyo nagloko bwahahaha putangina nawala virginity ko.. haha

  8. cindyrellaz Says:

    anu ba yan? sayang naman! hindi man lang nagkaroon ng chance.. di bale ask mo na lang siya ulet, malay mo pumayag siya at kainin mo uli ang sinabi mong break na kayo o di naman kaya ayaw niya. 2 bagay lang naman yan eh, pero mas gusto ng single guy na sia ang i-ask ng gurl so i guess plus ganda points yun! wag ka lang mag mukhang trying hard, take it easy ^^

  9. Pepe McKunat Says:

    lakas impact nung huli ah.
    kung sinu man iyon.
    tagos siya.
    nice doc.

  10. Helena Says:

    sis dok inggit ako sayo ang dami mong boys..di ka pa nakuntento kay hot nurse ha!! I don’t think I would try asking him out kung ako rin nasa kalagayan mo. Torpedo rin ako eh. Syet!

    @bro utoy – mabuti na yun kesa naman maglakas-loob ka tapos mareject pa din diba. Let’s face it hindi pa rin ganon katanggap ng society na babae ang nauuna. At kahit pilitin mong magmukhang friendly ang invitation mami-misinterpret ka pa rin ng mga good/bad/naughty guys!!! {a lechee pare-pareho lang kayo}

    thanks sa comment sis…update ko nga ang Spermgåsbord

  11. Helena Says:


    matagal ko na nga palang pinagnanasaan si Yael sis…kaso may gelpren na sya nakita ko sa concert ng Eraserheads {answet nila} Oh no!

  12. kengkay Says:

    yan ang napala mo, airsoft! hard to get yata si angelnawalangpakpak, hahaha

  13. joycee Says:

    sayang naman nagbreak agad ng hinde nya alam, haay kahit aku din hinde ko din kayang invite sya noh, unless we’re super close and inseaparable. asaness!

    asan na ba yang airsoft na yan, mabanatan at ke bagal bagal!

  14. ron Says:

    ganon talaga ang buhay, laging sa huli ang pagsisisi…

  15. walongbote Says:

    “Although Bad Guys may seem more appealing.”

    -I definitely agree.. iba talaga ang badboys kesa sa mga gudboys. kasi ganito yan. ang gudboys there are no rooms of wrong doing. kumbaga they know already kung ano ang dapat gawin sa inyong relasyon. bawal mambabae. on the other hand. yung mga bad boys, ang sweet nila kapag nakakagawa sila ng mali satin, tapos nakakatuwang nakikita mo sila nagiimprove yung bad attitude nila toward you. which is totally different sa mga gudboys.. dba? kaya nga parang ikaw yung magpapatino sa kanila.. sweet dba? kinikilig ako.. 😉

    Oh kamusta na kayo ni airsoft? ayos lang yan. napaguusapan ang lahat 🙂

  16. eloiski Says:

    hindi nga?
    break as in break?
    oh holy kamote!
    hug na lang kita ate!
    wala pa ako alam dyan sa lab lab’
    spongecola – di ko type! hehe! ewan ko kung bakit!
    airsoft? gusto ko magkaroon ng airsoft pero hindi yung jowa mo ah!
    yung laruan na baril!

  17. revsiopao Says:

    whaattt??? wala pa man din bleyk na agad. isa lang ang masasabi ko: “airsoft, you’re such a loser!” ha ha ha! naku kumareng doc, mantakin mong palampasin niya ang once in a lifetime opportunity to date you?… imagine?! his loss! {o ha! close na ba tayo? super OA na ba? toinks!}.
    sa susunod kasi {payo mode}… i-scan mo na kaagad ang tiket ng sponge cola concert, tapos send him an e-mail teaser para “ma-excite” ng kaunti. ikaw kasi e {nanisi?!… he he}
    o siya, diyan ka muna. magluluto pa ako ng siopao! god bless!

  18. buzzingflowerpecker Says:

    hehe. badtrip ano? haha.

    sa susunod hilahin mo na para siguradong kasama mo. haha.

    ay. mahiyain ka nga pala.:D

    *merry christmas nga pala!*

  19. walongbote Says:

    hi! MERRY CHRISTMAS! a christmas greeting is awaiting for you in my blog. Pls. Take a look.
    and also here’s my greeting card. click this ECARD
    Hope you like it!!! More blogging year’s for us to come!! mwaaahh..

  20. muymuy Says:

    waaaaaaaa…favorite ko ang spongecola!!..pwamiss…shetness nung nag-concert sila dito nasa Pinas naman ako…

    @topic: mapa-gud, bad, naughty boys kapag nainvite yan ng isang magandang gel..iisa lang ang reaction nyan!!…PROUD!..and for sure…maraming makakaalam na nagdate kayo…hehehe..

  21. eloiski Says:

    ui ate where na you?
    dito na me!
    wala na bagong post…

  22. siangelnawalangpakpak Says:

    POTPOT: walang emergency si airsoft. signalo lang ng tadhana na hindi siya dumating na hindi talaga kami para sa isa’t-isa. hehehe… hindi rin ako bitter ano?

    PILAR: “brek na agad! magaling!”
    never naman naging kami eh. ilusyon ko lang yun. hehehe.

    HISNAMEISDENCIOS: kung pwede lang manligaw ang babae, baka matagal ko ng ginawa. hahaha, joke. di ko kaya yun. at oo, gustong-gusto nga naming mga babae ang magtampo-tampuhan kahit na hindi naman totoo. lambing namin yun =) lab ko rin ang kamikazee. meri christmas din sayo!

    BROTHERUTOY: oo na, fear of rejection yun. hehe. tsaka, yoko rin kasing isipin niyang easy girl ako. hahaha… brother, naughty guy ka pala dati? ang mga naughty guy kasi yung tipong hindi pwedeng pagkatiwalaan, pero hindi ka naman makahindi kasi umaapaw ang kanilang karisma. naks! so, ganun ka dati, ha? =)

    TAPS: konting logic. kung idol mo si brother at idol kita, therefore, idol ko na rin si brother utoy. yes!!! im si happy!

  23. siangelnawalangpakpak Says:

    YEYE: huggs din sayo girl. kashit na hindi ko naman talaga alam kung bakit mo ako hinug. hehehe…

    FERBERT: at syempre, nagkwentong virginity ka pa. hahaha… in fairness, okey sigurong pang background music ang gemini ng sponge cola sa mga ganoong moments, no? wala, naisip ko lang naman.

    CINDYRELLA: ayoko na siyang tanungan. fate na kasi ang nagsalita sa mga panahong yun sa pamamagitan ng hindi niya pagsipot sa araw na yayayain ko sana siya. hindi kami destined for each other. hahaha…

    PEPE MCKUNAT: thanks pepe. ikaw naman, kelan ka magpopost ng kwentong lablayp sa blog mo, aber? =)

    HELENA: wag ka ng mainggit, hindi ko boypren si hot nurse, at lalong hindi rin si airsoft. wala talaga akong boypren, kalandian lang. ahaha, joke… magkapatid nga tayo. parehas tayong torpedo. hehehe…

    huy, di ako sure doon sa comment ko sa spermgasboard. kaya nga, pinapacheck ko sayo. kasalukuyan kasi ako ngayong nalulunod sa pag-aaral ng biochemistry kaya wala akong taym magcheck.

    meri christmas, sis! kahit na sinira mo yung pantasya ko kay YAEL sa binalita mo. hehehe, joke lang.

  24. siangelnawalangpakpak Says:

    KENGKAY: yipee! hard to get daw ako!!! may naloko rin ako at naniniwalang hindi ako easy girl. ehehe…

    JOYCEE: sige, joycee. email ko na lang sayo yung complete home address ni airsoft para mapuntahan mo siya sa bahay at ipaglaban mo ako. sige na, please…

    RON: wala akong pinagsisihan. hindi ako easy girl. iisipin ko na lang na hindi naman siya ganun kagwapo kaya, it’s his loss and not mine. hehehe…

    WALONGBOTE: nakakatakot lang sa mga bad boys, masyado nang maraming alam. marunong na marunong magpaikot ng ulo ng mga babae. tayo naman, tanga, konting ksalabit lang at pagpapacute, bibigay na naman. hehehe… palibhasa, di natin sila matiis, ano?

  25. siangelnawalangpakpak Says:

    ELOISKI: huggs din sayo, eloiski! mmmmm… at bakit mo naman gustong mag-airsoft? rich kid ka siguro ano? laro ng mga mayayaman kasi ang airsoft dito sa amin. hehehe… anlalaki ng pasa ng mga kaibigan kong natatamaan ng bala nito. dapat kasi complete ang gear mo pag maglalaro ka.

    sensya na at busy-busyhan ako ngayon dahil 8-5 ang aking klase Mon-Sat kaya hindi ako nakakapag-update at magblog hop masyado. huhuhu… merri christmas sayo, girl!!!!

    REVSIOPAO: “airsoft, you’re such a loser!”

    thank you, rev! i lab yu na talaga! hahaha… penge nga pala ng siopao na niluto mo okey? birthday/christmas gift mo na lang sa akin. o di ba, feeling close din ako sayo. hehehe…

    god bless po!

    BUZZINGFLOWERPECKER: naku, baka kung hilahin ko siya, kung saang madilim na lugar pa kami mapunta. hehehe, joke. merry christmas din sayo!

    MUYMUY: ganun ba? eh kung nandito ka sana noong panahong may ticket ako, sana binigay ko na lang sayo yung mga nasayang kong ticket. hehehe… loser daw si airsoft, sabi ni revsiopao kaya ayoko na sa kanya. hahaha… bitter din ako, no? =)

  26. glesy the great Says:

    ngayon ko lang nabasa to… uy update mo ako kung anong nangyari kay airsoft ha.. cheers;p-glesy the great

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